Value-add angel funding for Philippines startup founders.

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Buko is founded by a group of tech founders and e-commerce executives with extensive experience building businesses in the Philippines.


There is massive potential for technology and entrepreneurship to open new opportunities in the Philippines economy. Buko Ventures aims to find and support talented founders that have limited access to financial resources to start new ventures.

We invest P250k-500k in founders that have a compelling business idea and are ready to run full-speed to build the business.

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Our Focus

We focus on pre-revenue and pre-launch ventures that have a very compelling potential. We keep the investment terms very simple so the founders can focus on building their businesses.

Depending on the business, funding from Buko may be all the funding you ever need or it can serve as the capital to launch the business and attract additional investments to scale the business.

Ideas & Founders

We are open to any kind of business model including both B2C (focusing on selling to consumers) and B2B (focusing on selling to companies). We are also excited to invest in non-traditional ventures such as gaming, social media influencers, or content creators like youtubers and podcast hosts or any other potential venture that has a significant business opportunity. We are also very excited to invest in founders located in provincial cities outside of Metro Manila.

We are open to founders from any background. Experience is not as important as having lots of energy, passion, and a dedicated work ethic to make your business a success.

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We love technical software engineers and we can help you with your business strategy.

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We are also open to non-technical founders if you are super gritty and have a great business idea.

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We would also love to invest in non-traditional "founders" that are gamers, content creators, or other 'unusual' but awesome backgrounds.

How to get funded?

Founder should submit a written summary of your business idea with details about why this is a good opportunity with details about how your approach will add value for your future customers, and some details about yourself and your team. (400-600 words).

No pitch deck needed.

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